A bit of philosophy for a spring-touched day

Bob Ross’s dulcet tones seem to be the perfect medium to convey life advice. Between his unbothered brushstrokes and lovingly aggressive brush whacking, Bob rattles off some one liners to, with some interpretation, live by.

“When we use this big old two inch brush,

it really doesn’t take too long to paint a canvas.”

01:53, Bob Ross – A Trace of Spring (Season 26 Episode 5)

An intimidating job gets a lot more manageable when you use the right tools to get it done.

These are just happy little trees, fun little things.

04:05, Bob Ross – A Trace of Spring (Season 26 Episode 5)

You can find positivity anywhere, and if you can’t find any, make some of your own.

“But very little pressure on the knife, just let it sort of bounce,

11:24, Bob Ross – A Trace of Spring (Season 26 Episode 5)

Most things, especially people, don’t work well under pressure. Whether it be yourself, someone you’re collaborating with, or your GrubHub driver is taking a little too long, letting off the pressure might do everyone some good.

“I don’t want a lot of detail, too far away. Too far away, just little distant trees

04:01, Bob Ross – A Trace of Spring (Season 26 Episode 5)

Distant plans never pan out just right, so sometimes it’s best to leave the details a little hazy. Keeping perspective on life is a great tip to keep from going insane.

“And as I said, they’re very, very forgiving. And I need all the forgiveness I can get.”

07:44, Bob Ross – A Trace of Spring (Season 26 Episode 5)

On a more serious note, Bob talks a lot in this episode about how forgiving his paint is, and how easy it is to wipe some off and do something over. While in life it isn’t always quite that easy to try something again, perhaps we could all take a lesson from the paint and be a bit more forgiving.

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