A Coroner’s Progress Report

This week was a bit of a whirlwind. When my group got together on discord and started discussing ideas, it became quickly obvious how big of sci-fi nerds we all were, so it was an easy choice to go in that direction, but where to from there? We ended up getting inspired by a mix of old Star-Trek episodes, crime shows, and video games to create a murder mystery turned thriller on a space ship all told by an audio recorder left on in the coroner’s office as a hostile alien parasite jumps from one body to the next, killing whoever gets in it’s way. We have divided up our characters and parsed out the main tasks, with some of us focusing on writing and preproduction and others stepping in for the editing and postproduction. Collectively, we have made several bumpers, commercials, and even some visual advertising so far, with more to come, and we have plans outlined to start recording our parts for the show!

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