Gardening for Beginners

While I do enjoy gardening, it can be hard to keep plants alive with a busy college schedule. Bouquets of cut flowers are a little easier, but they only last so long, and what do you do with them after? Throw them away? What if you attach emotional importance to physical objects way to easily and it would break your heart to just put them in the trash? I think I have a solution.

I came up with the idea in pretty spontaneously. I had some flowers left from valentines that I needed to get rid of, but I wanted to keep some piece of them, and I had a jar I saved from a snack, and they just seemed the perfect size for each other. I remember seeing snow globe jars being made the same way and wondered if it could look good with flowers. Luckily, it did!

I made the intro and outros using Krita, a free art software, and I was so happy with how they turned out I used a similar technique for my other video tonight. I also used a mix of raw audio and music, especially for the time lapse section, and I tried to focus on the story structure of the video. It starts with a hook, continues with the process, and ends with the final result.


  1. The text animation worked very well. I hadn’t heard of Krita before, but it’s another example of all the different free tools we can find.

    • I really like it because the entire platform is open source. It get’s updated more slowly but you get a lot more features for free than other platforms.

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