Hold Me to the Ground

In a previous post I started to outline a story about a woman trying to get back on her feet after escaping an abusive relationship while secretly planning to get revenge on her ex. I still really like this story, but there are a few parts that I looked back on and don’t like so much anymore. Mainly, I don’t want to focus as much on the main character’s time in the abusive relationship, which took up most of my previous outline, and more on her healing process and the time she spends with her friend rebuilding her life. Also, due to the time constraints of the semester I will likely put most of my effort into the main plot points and spend less time on the small, everyday stories I wanted to flesh out this character’s life with. These might be a good way to continue this project in the future, or even to open it up to multiple authors later on.

The summary is the same as what I first posed in a writing assignment weeks ago, so I will link that original post and move on to the story outline.

  1. Belle has a flashback to her time with Trevor as she tells Margaret about it.
    1. The funeral-Belle mourns with her family but feels isolated from them, and has to step outside when they start telling stories about her mom because she doesn’t think they’d want to hear any of hers.
    2. Belle runs to Wal-Mart for some post-funeral cheap wine, but when she is leaving her car battery is dead. Luckily, a stranger offers to help.
    3. Belle runs into the stranger again when getting lunch with her aunts before they leave town. He’s working as a waiter, and he leaves her his number.
    4. The two talk on the phone often. He lost his parents as well and offers her support.
    5. The two start a relationship, and quickly move in together.
    6. He offers her drugs to take the edge off (he has dabbled in drugs since his parents died and claims it helps him stay calm). Eventually, she accepts.
    7. Trevor starts to cut her off from friends after she spends a week away on a road trip.
    8. Her savings are drained to pay for their drug habits.
    9. He becomes paranoid and starts monitoring her communications and social media.
    10. Her and her best friend have a falling out.
    11. The abuse becomes more physical.
    12. She secretly buys a second phone and reaches out to people. Only her best friend replies.
    13. She ODs.
    14. She hatches a plan to escape and live with her best friend.
  2. The last fight two miles from a Wal-Mart. She walks to the store, meets her bestfriend in the parking lot, and starts her new life with twenty dollars and a dream.
  3. She moves in with her best friend and spends a few weeks sequestered in the house before venturing out into her new community.
  4. It turns out her best friend is not the only person from her childhood who ended up in this town. A good friend of her mother’s also moved there. Although they haven’t spoken much since the funeral, Belle and Dawn fall back into their old nurturing relationship easily, though not without some hard moments.
  5. Belle is able to get a job at a mom and pop restaurant and although the pay and the work and pay are rough, the shifts allow her long hours alone.
  6. Margaret tries her best to get Belle out of her shell, but the only thing she seems to really enjoy doing is working out and taking self defense classes.
  7. The other people in the self defense classes start to form an informal support group. It turns out many of them have had similar experiences in the past that prompted them to take the classes.
  8. Margaret can’t help but tell Belle when she hears about Trevor coming through town looking for her.
  9. She prepares herself for a confrontation.

I’m still not sure if I want to have Belle fight Trevor or if she should take the high road. I have now established most of the character names as well. I am still thinking of jumping between mediums for each plot point and tell it through a hyperlink story.

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  1. I like that postcard site. It made me think of Nick Bantock’s Griffin & Sabine (https://archive.org/details/griffinsabineext00bant_0) series. It might be interesting to tell the story indirectly, through notes, text messages, social media posts, third party observations of the events, police/news reports, and let the reader connect the dots and fill in the blanks. That’s just an idea and may not fit in with what you are going for at all.

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