Lets Mix It Up

I really liked the assignments this week, but I think that was mostly down to the fact that I’m spending less time getting frustrated with different editing software and more time actually creating, which is the point. I have stopped shopping around with different programs and have even started doing some creative projects on my own outside of this class’s coursework. I’m getting excited t make art again and once again feeling the joy of painting.

This week was a lot of image editing with a bit of video mixed in for flavor, and I’m becoming a really big fan of Krita, the free software I’ve started using. It’s great for drawing and editing existing pictures, and even has animation capabilities for short videos. I used it for every one of my blog posts this week and even one of my Daily Creates.

Daily Creates

I was really feeling the blue today, I liked how the shades looked together, but I included the orange and green for a little bit of contrast and a really nice mid-tone.
In response to two men looking skeptically away from a building. I can imagine the earful some poor kid is getting next.
I used Krita for this quick edit. The joke was just too easy and I could’t pass up the chance to reference the “good soup” meme.



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