New Construction

Way back in January I used a Visual Assignment as motivation to finally build a respectable Minecraft house. Of course, that isn’t the only building you usually need in a Minecraft settlement and my next project was a storage building. I wanted to use a different color pallet but still one that would complement my house. I showed in my other post a plan for a tower building, but I didn’t go with that for my house. Instead, I thought a tower with many different floors would be perfect keeping different kinds of items and blocks organized, so I got to work. This was the planning structure I shared previously.

And this is what I ended up building.

The tower is connected to a separate house and stable, but that’s a story for another day.
The base floor is designated for wood storage.
The next floor is storage for more miscellaneous items and a couple individual items that I have a lot of.
Another floor up and we have a room of empty barrels, but one that will hopefully one day be filled.
And finally, this floor is dedicated to brewing potions and storing the ingredients.

Unlike with my last build I used a lot of symmetry in this build. The whole thing, besides the first floor is built around a central ladder and windows are centered on each side, though some floors have doors to small balconies to add extra dimension. While the structure itself was very symmetrical itself I used a much wider range of blocks for the walls and tried to arrange them as randomly as possible. I went for much more contrast in this case with the pallet including neutral tones from almost black to white and several shades of brown. I also added more greenery and farther up the build to once again try and soften the symmetry, which I find can be very harsh on the eyes.

A side-by-side comparison of the two builds:


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