Party in Pink

This poster may be an advertisement for a sauna party, but the photo used in the background is of a group of swimmers getting ready to jump into the frigid waters of Newport, Vermont this past February as part of the the annual . The photo was taken by Jessica Rinaldi of the Boston Globe. I liked the juxtaposition of the topics, but it’s also appropriate because after taking the dive participants celebrate together in a nearby sauna.

I used Krita to create this poster by importing the background image from, which is part of the Boston Globe’s “The Big Picture” project. Because the remix card for this assignment was called Pretty in Pink, I made the text over the image pink and added a couple other design elements. I also added a small white shadow to the words and some small white stripes in the corners. I tried to follow the perspective lines in the photo with the angle of the text, though I’m not sure I quite succeeded.

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