Radio Show Update 2

It’s almost done!

The first stage of our creative process was a brainstorming session on discord last week, which amounted to all our group members shooting ideas back and forth for a couple hours one night. We decided on a sci-fi show, like I talked about last week, and got to work. I recoded my part of the script and offered to take on some of the more intense editing in post. I used Audacity to line up my speaking lines, and once the whole script was together I found and added quite a few of the sound effects and a bit of background music. I also made a bumper last week that was added to the show. I really enjoyed the process of audio editing, even if it is very time consuming and brings out my perfectionist side a bit too much sometimes.

The background music at the end of the show is Space by Chad Crouch from I also used quite a few different sound effects from, and even got to reuse some that I had found for previous audio projects.

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