The Days Disappear

This week we were tasked with making three Daily Creates and connecting them in some king of story.

Norster is part of a fantasy world afflicted with a blight that seemed at first to be a blessing. No one dies in the traditional sense anymore. Rather, they fade away, losing pieces of themselves bit by bit. This isn’t brought on by aging or illness but by disappointment, depression, and fear. Simply put, as people lose the will to keep living they start to fall apart, literally. Although it appears to be a peaceful way to go, writings from people going through the blight consistently testify that the fading feels like being slowly burned alive, bit by bit. Although the Norster graveyard doesn’t have any new burials it has become a resting place for many people as they fade. Many visitors are also looking for the last scraps of their loved ones, since those suffering often try to distance themselves from their friends and families. Above is one of those writings, in this case it seems one of the last things the author lost was the finger with their wedding ring on it. Also, a rare portrait of someone fading and a map to Norster taken from someone who faded before they could complete the journey.

My first tweet I made this week was a reversal of a poem I wrote a few years ago for a contest. The original was from Golem’s point of view as he fell into Mount Doom at the end of The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R.Tolkien, but I was able to twist the meaning to fit with the later two tweets.

The second tweet is where I first came up with the idea of people slowly fading away. The original photo was from and I applied pixel sorting code to it a as part of a glitch art project and ended up not using it in the final product. Although I didn’t use it before, I really liked how it seems like her mouth is fading away into a fine dust.

The third and final tweet of the week created a setting for my story. When I first generated Norster it didn’t have as large a gap in the middle but when I started warping it that happened mostly on accident. I also changed the color theme to help the aesthetic. I thought of a small backstory for the Egg Court as a new section of town that was built up in more recent years by a successful chicken farmer who has profited greatly from new tourism, but it didn’t factor into the story of the other tweets.

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