Walkie Talkie Bumper

I made a bumper for midway through our radio show, The Coroner’s Tale. Because we plan to tell a lot of our narrative through some kind of radio communication between our characters across a spaceship as they try to solve a mystery, I thought a bumper that sounded like I recorded it on a walkie-talkie would be both thematic and give me a chance to practice editing that effect. The effect was actually inspired by the walkie-talkies we use to talk to each other at my job since everyone is spread out through several buildings and a large property. The sounds I used here aren’t the exact same (if they were you couldn’t hear any of the words) but it remids me of something I hear all the time.

I used Audacity to flatten my voice and added a high pass filter to get the tinny effect that often comes through on those kinds of devices, and then I added some radio static noises of varying intensities to increase the realism. I think this kind of editing, if used in our show, could add a lot of depth to the setting, make the space feel larger while still letting all the characters participate throughout.

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