Week 2: Oh Joy!

Throughout this week, I completed Daily Creates on Twitter, which were surprisingly fun ways to spend a few minutes every day.

This tweet was in response to the prompt: “Make me care about this block and chain”. I have had this puzzle for awhile and this seemed like the perfect occasion to pull it out and chain those blocks together!
This was my idea for the title of a three feet thick book.
I chose to extend this story, and it gave me an idea for a world I’d like to explore further at some point later on.
I can think of nothing that brings out that look of exasperation more than Siri interrupting a tense conversation.
Perfectly cut screams are one of my favorite things on the internet, especially when I’m in need of a serotonin boost, and this is what I imagine they would look like back in the days when microfilm was used and dinosaurs roamed the earth.

To complete the “Back to the Basics” design assignment, I built a cozy cottage in Minecraft. You can see a tour here: https://naomiljones.com/blog/ds106/extreme-home-makeover-minecraft-edition/

For the “By Any Sketch Of The Imagination” assignment, I went a little beyond the assignment and edited the same picture twice. You can compare the results and guess at the original here: https://naomiljones.com/blog/ds106/bio-any-sketch-of-the-imagination/

Finally, to “Guess The Story” that I illustrated with GIFs and images from the internet, follow this link: https://naomiljones.com/blog/ds106/guess-that-myth/

This week was a whirlwind of perfect coincidences, or “happy accidents”, from already having the Bob Ross puzzle to having the Minecraft build already in the works, and I think that gave me the chance and the motivation to really put my all into these projects. I just hope things keep working out like that!

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