Week 6: This One’s Juuust Right

I had a lot of fun with the assignments this week, and I really enjoyed using design as a tool for storytelling in some ways I hadn’t thought about before.

Daily Creates:

This seems a strangely old fashioned way for an interplanetary explorer to let their family know they’re alright, but perhaps they enjoy the nostalgia of it all. I used a couple Canva design elements-the stamped lines in the corner and the slightly cheesy font-to make this image look like a postcard.

I think it would really funny to see a snake slithering along the keys playing some upbeat tune. It could be a fun juxtaposition, depending on your opinion on snakes.

The dinner that followed this really was Chocolate Truffle ice cream. I’m not sure how many pro-creatines would be in that, but I hope they fuel me through the end of this week.

Design Blitz:

Design Assignments:

This show always brings me a lot of joy, and I had a really good time trying to lay it out, or paint it, in a way that expressed the spirit of the scene but using sequential storytelling.
Once I started working on this design I almost couldn’t help but paint a whole story in my mind’s eye of the novel this could be the cover of. Just like so many of the stories I imagine up, I would love to write this story one day.


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