Vote Fonzie!

Forget Uncle Sam, Fonzie wants YOU to vote in the next election cycle! This poster encouraging you to vote was styled after several 1950s voting posters I found online and incorporated Fonzie from Happy Days as a celebrity spokesperson. Many of the posters used black and white photographs with bright, contrasting lettering. Most of the messages were quite a bit more wordy than mine, but I chose to go more modern in that regard. I maintain that when it comes to words on posters, less is almost always more. My biggest inspiration came from this 1959 poster from the UK Labour party.

Rather than using a color background I overlayed two photos and saves the color for the text. I chose yellow not only because it is my favorite color but also because it was the easiest to read over the varied shades of black and white in the background.

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I used Krita once again to make this poster by importing Ready to Vote ( as the background and an image of Fonzie ( as a layer. I used the similar color selection tool to cut out the background and the shape selection tool to position Fonzie’s head in the corner of the frame. I kept the plain outline around the image to make it seem more like a photo of an old poster. The text is a spin off of the iconic Uncle Sam “I want you!” slogan. Isn’t Fonzie so much more persuasive though?

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