Design Blitz

These images are a few examples of design elements put to good use that I have seen throughout this week.


This stool, while very simple, maintains clean lines and vertical symmetry, no matter what direction you look at it from.


The dark background of this ice cream packaging makes the few colors used stand out. The brown “Chocolate Truffle” matches the scoop of ice cream next to it, and the only other color used is the green in the classic Breyers leaf, which evokes freshness and even healthiness. The orange and green in the box in the top right corner of the tub compliment the rest of the design but are clearly separated by the different background color.


The covering around this hanging light has a pretty interesting geometric design which may appear random at first but upon closer inspection has a pattern. There are several instances of parallel lines, and several of the lines have the same point of origin just outside the bounds of the design.


The thin line running through the text of the Thinsters logo helps reinforce the idea of these cookies being a more calorie-conscious weight loss snack.


While the main body of this coffee maker is both larger and darker in color than the water reservoir next to it, giving it more visual weight, the main body is topped with silver while the reservoir both rests on and is capped by black, elongating it. Even though the reservoir is actually shorter, this helps the two parts of the coffee maker appear proportional.

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