Novel Noir

I created a cover for what I think could be a very compelling noir pulp fiction novel about a woman in the early twentieth century taking revenge on a series of past acquaintances scattered in different cities across the U.S. who she feels are responsible for the tragedy of her daughter’s death. Will the authorities catch up to her before she reaches them all, or will she be able to…………. Cut and Run?

The background image is a city alley from In Krita I placed the silhouette of a woman above it in a separate layer, cut away some excess, and used the color balancer to give the whole image this orange tint-it had been black and white. I had to add the text in Microsoft Paint because Krita wouldn’t let the text be big enough. I placed a black box for the title to sit on so it stood out enough from the background to be legible and chose an old-timey font for the text. My biggest inspirations for the cover were This Gun for Hire by Graham Greene and In a Lonely Place by Dorothy B. Hughes.

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