Put it to Paper

I made a comic book page of one of my favorite scenes from TV. This is an abridged version of the last scene of the first episode of Black Sails, a show about outcasts raging against the ropes of civilization. I know that sounds dramatic (because the show is) but it’s the best TV show I’ve ever seen. The show is premised as a prequal to Treasure Island, and this is the infamous Captain Flint’s call for his crew to hunt the treasure that ends up playing such a big role in the book.

This isn’t a word-for-word transcription of Flint’s speech, but it gets hits the major points. There is some context before this about why Flint is covered in blood and why some of the crew members look skeptical, but this speech is what kicks off the whole rest of the series, in more ways than one. I took screenshots of the scene and laid them out on a canvas, put an oil paint effect filter over them to get more of that comic book feel, and placed the speech bubbles in Krita. I once again had to place the text in Microsoft Paint, but I’m very happy with the result. I think it communicates the feeling of the scene very well. Once again, I cannot recommend this show enough-that was really all this was an excuse to do-to anyone who likes sweeping adventures, historical fantasy interwoven with real life figures, and really good LGBT representation. All the gay pirates, need I say more?

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