The Color of a Word

If you’ve read very many of my other blog posts you might know by now that I love the idea of translating one medium into another. Audio to visual and visual to audio, incorporating text into imagery, and in this case figuring out the color palette of a word. I used the PhotoChrome website to make the background of this image, and I pulled one of the images it used to make the background into a separate layer and gave it a little more opacity.

I thought it was interesting how the website interpreted my search term. Photochrome pulls images from Unsplash that fit a theme. The term I chose was a bit vague , with several different meanings, and several of those meanings are represented. Can you guess what the term was?

It was control!

The image contains a remote control, some control panels, people being controlled by some force, and of course, the mannequin strung up and made to dance.

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