Thoughts on Design

The readings this week were an interesting introduction to design. Though neither of them did a whole lot to address my design preferences, and they were a bit simplistic in many cases, I nevertheless appreciated taking the time to learn a bit more about the theory behind why certain things just seem to work and other things don’t. I also think they worked well in relation to our assignments this week, particularly the DesignBlitz, and helped me distinguish design choices all around me that I may not have particularly noticed before. Once you start to take not of them, it’s incredible to think about how almost all of the things around you have been carefully crafted by someone towards a specific goal, whether that is to catch your eye or fade into the background, or something else entirely! Even if something is perfectly simple, like the stool I feature in my DesignBlitz post, that simplicity was a design choice as well. An understanding at least, if not a mastery of all the design elements discussed in these readings would go a long way in improving the digital art I produce.

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